Monday, April 17, 2006

& the City of Grambling, Louisiana

March 8, 2006

UEDC will develop numerous businesses at GSU. “S” corporations will be established to operate the various business(s). These “S” corporations will allow some students to manage or own their corporation or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) upon graduation, or when feasible.
Walter Ellis will contribute his expertise of 40 years in the auto and truck industry in establishing some of these businesses. A recent trucking business that has been inactive for several months can immediately be revamped. This business consists of transporting motorcycles and automobiles for hire. The major expense in re-organizing would be computer, telephone and minor office equipment. Students would be taught dispatch procedures, office management skills etc.. Limited salaries will paid to office and management personal. All will participate in the profit of the operation. A system will be devised to allow some chosen to become LLP.
UEDC will establish a Verizon store.
Discount phone rates for UAAD members
UEDC will negotiate an agreement with a rental car company.
UEDC will negotiate a dealership with Freightliner
UEDC will negotiate a dealership with Daimler Chrysler.
UEDC will establish a Truck Drivers Institute.

Re-Development of Grambling, LA;
Hotels, motels
Shopping center
African American owned bank (JPMorganChase Bank “Smart Start” funded.
UEDC intend to work with city officials and GSU in forming a long range redevelopment plan that will address the heir problems that exist in Grambling in particular. Such solutions will contribute to how to protect property rights in New Orleans and elsewhere in Louisiana. Those whose property will be included in this re-development will be offered a fair market price for their property, and an offer to become a LLP in the development. For instance there is a building on R.W. Jones that may be for sale. UEDC would offer the seller a 51% LLP and monthly payments on an agreed price. All other property purchase offers would follow these guidelines.

With past and present negotiations UAAD have entered with JPMorganChase Bank we intend to persuade this bank to utilize its’ CRA, Community Partnership, “Smart Start”, or “Reparation” funding to further these and other projects.


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