Monday, April 17, 2006

UEDC Re-Train/Re-Tain Truck Driving Institute

UEDC has developed the “Re-Train/Re-Tain” Program for individual drivers and groups who have demonstrated a need for more safety and skill training. The curriculum is based on the PDTI approved curriculum, which has been adopted by UEDC as the Basic Truck Driving Training Program.

The Program will include:
· Six days of intensive, full-time training
· Eight hours of Simulator Training with various loads, weather conditions, highway types
· Four hours of behind the wheel, on the road practice
· 24 hours of class room instruction
· Eight hours of discussion
· Four hours of evaluation and personal assistance
· Testing and review on a daily basis
· Interview and review problem areas with the student
· Setting goals and monitoring progress
· One-hour road test and issuance of a certificate upon successful completion of the course

The carrier/shipper/employer will be provided with a video of the student’s performance.
The Program will evaluate and correct issues in basic truck driving: Shifting techniques, backing-up procedures, safe lane changes, braking, vehicle safety checks, and the proper securing of trailers and loads. Over and above the safety aspects will be a training component on improving fuel economy and reducing maintenance costs. This is vital to profitability on older trucks where the driver becomes the “computer” for fuel management and there is significant wear-and-tear on most components. This aspect of training also has value for operators of new tractors to help reduce downtime and charges for non-warranty repairs due to mishandling of the equipment.

Even experienced drivers with excellent driving records can benefit since it is easy to discover unsafe habits through the computer simulator. The newer driver will encounter many new situations including accident conditions and suggest collision avoidance solutions that will help reduce accidents.


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