Monday, April 17, 2006


The institute will provide customized training or retraining for drivers who have been involved in accidents, excessive violations, or who need additional training. Retraining will include classroom when needed. Simulators will provide the student and customer test and visual results of the student’s progress.

This training or retraining will be billed @ $200.00 (two hundred dollars) per hour per student on site or at UEDC facilities. When there is a need for advance simulator involvement, UEDC will provide such at GE Capitol/I-Sim facilities.

Students who choose to do so may become members of UEDC Truck Association (cost $200.00 a year). This membership provides its members the ability to refresh on the simulator upon receiving a moving violation citation or twice a year on appointment. The association also offers other benefits to the drivers.

6 students
6 x $2500 = $15,000

Simulator Monthly Lease $425.00
Lodging (6 rooms for $40 a night for 6 nights) 1540.00
Daily lunch (delivered) and Graduation Dinner 480.00
Mini-Van Rental (inc. Liability Insurance and Medical Payments)
to transport students 250.00
Instructor Salary (weekly) 1000.00
Assistant Salary (weekly) 300.00
SCM for OTR Training 500.00
Utilities (telephone, electric) monthly 100.00
Graduation Certificates and awards 50.00
Misc. Admin. And office expenses 100.00
UEDC Member Dues (Annual pre-pay) 180.00


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